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  City of Weatherford       Official Parker County Website      

Wall Builders

  Parker County Transportation       Parker County Appraisal District          
  Doss Heritage and Culture Center       Tax Assessor Collector    

Christian Coalition

  Weatherford Independent School District     Parker County Clerk        
  The Senior Center       Judicial Records Search      

American Center for Law and

  Drivers License Renewal  
  Weatherford Chamber of Commerce       Concealed Hand Gun Licensing Bureau      


  Weatherford Economic Development       Registered Sex offender Search          
  Weatherford College       Cooperative Extension Agent          
  Springtown Chamber of Commerce      

Parker County Churches

           Parker County Blog      

Local Medical Facilities

  Weatherford Regional Medical Center       Community News - Aledo      


  Texas Oncology Weatherford       Azle News Online        
          Springtown Epigraph      

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          Weatherford Democrat          
        Weatherford Telegram        
        Fort Worth Star Telegram        

Political Signs - BuildASign.com


State Links

  Interesting Historical Facts About the Republican Party in Texas       The Senate of Texas       Contacting State Elected Officials    
  Texas Republican Party       The Texas House of Representatives       Texas Ethics Commission     
  Texas Democratic Party       Texas Attorney General       Texas Federation of Republican Women    
  Robert's Rules of Order       Secretary of State       Texas Young Republicans    
  African Americans and Texas Politics       Texas Comptroller       Find Your Incumbent    
  Hispanics and Texas Republicans       Texas State Law Library       Texas Counties with Republican Websites      
  Hispanos y los Republicanos deTexas       Texas Statutes Search       Texas Homeland Security    
          Local Government Code       Texas Association of Counties    
          Texas Election Code       Texas Rangers    
          Texas Constitution            
                  Historical Facts About the Republican Party in Texas    

Republicans vs Democrats


      Click here to learn the status of legislation in the Texas House and Senate!            

National Links

  Republican National Committee       The White House       Campaign Contributions - Who's giving and who's getting    
  National Federation of Republican Women       The United States Senate            
  Democratic National Committee       Senator John Cornyn            
  National Political Index       Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison            
          Senate Republican Conference            
          The United States House of Representatives            
          Congresswoman Kay Granger            
          Congressional Budget Office            
          Office of Management and Budget


Additional Links


Newt Gingrich


Wise County GOP


Dick Morris

            Hood County GOP  

Drudge Report


Tarrant County GOP





      Rush Limbaugh          

Capitol Spotlight

          Cato Institute            
          Americans for Tax Reform            
          Real Clear Politics            
          Council for Citizens against Government Waste            
          Eagle Forum            
          Family Research Council            
          National Tax Limitation Committee            
          National Taxpayers Union